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Catalogue of the Additional Papers of bernard leach - səhifə 9

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SKETCH of a cottage (Japanese influence) and a "Japanese bath", by BL.



SKETCHES: "The man who sang for Joy" (sketch reminiscent of BL's hand, but legend in a different one); and a girl in a kimono.

  1. Exhibitions (Leach and others)


c. 1920

PRINTED ARTICLE [by Hakulei Ishu, according to a pencilled note by BL] "on my last exhibition". Printed; Japanese; 1 file; paper very frail.



EXHIBITION CARDS advertising exhibitions of the work of potters BL, Stella R. Crofts, William B. Dalton, Dora E Lunn, Wilfrid & Lily Norton, Gwendolen Parnell, Ethel Sleigh, Phyllis Simpson, Sylvia Fox Strangways, Stanley Thorogood, Charles Vyse, S. Nicholson Babb, D.K.N. Braden and K. Pleydell-Bouverie, at the gallery of P & D Colnaghi & Co.

2 items (1 with BL's ms notes in pencil on dorse, relating to a London Craft Centre); printed.



EXHIBITION INVITATION (blank) to an "exhibit of the New Cornish Pottery made at St. Ives by Mr. Bernard Leach, as a branch of the St. Ives Handicraft Guild", at the Morrab Art Gallery, Penzance. Printed.



EXHIBITION LEAFLET advertising an exhibition of the pottery and drawings of BL at the Cotswold Gallery, Frith Street, Soho Square, W.I.; plus an invitation card to the same, in which "Mrs Finberg" requests the honour of the company of [blank]. 3 items, (2 leaflets and 1 invitation card); printed.


1923? March 17 to April 7


NOTICE of an exhibition of "personal stoneware pottery" by BL at the Paterson Gallery, Old Bond Street, W.I. Printed; 2 copies.


1923 or 1927

EXHIBITION CARD advertising a BL exhibition at the Three Shields Gallery, Holland Street, Kensington, W.8. Printed.


1925 Aug/Sept

EXHIBITION CATALOGUE of an "Exhibition of Pictures and Arts & Crafts" at the Passmore Edwards Art Gallery, Newlyn [Cornwall]. In the Crafts Section (baskets, bookbinding, bookplates, weaving, leatherwork, pottery, etc), BL has added his terse, pencilled opinions - "incredible", "Rotten", "awful", "bad", "Horrible", "Horrid", etc. The only items to gain the Leach accolades of "v.g." and "excellent", are the models of ships loaned by Robin and Dicon Nance! Printed.


1927 Oct/Nov

CATALOGUE of an exhibition of contemporary pottery by BL, Charles Vyse, Stanley Thorogood, Sylvia Fox Strangways, W B Dalton, Ethel Sleigh and Phyllis Simpson, Wilfrid and Lily Norton, Stella R Crofts, Gwendolen Parnell and Shoti [sic!] Hamada, held at the Colnaghi Gallery, New Bond Street, W. Printed.





EXHIBITION CARD advertising an exhibition of works by BL at the Beaux Arts Gallery, Bruton Place, Bond Street, W. A footnote states that "Mr. Leach's Stoneware for Use will be Exhibited at New Handworker's Gallery, 14, Percy Street, Tottenham Court Road, W." 2 copies; printed; illus.


1929 May-June

FOREWORD by BL to a catalogue of an exhibition of pottery by Hamada, held at Paterson's Gallery, Old


Bond Street, W. 1. Printed.

1929 July

CATALOGUE of an exhibition of stoneware by Kawai Kanjiro of Kyoto, held at the Beaux Arts Gallery. Foreword by Hamada Shoji; one or two pencilled notes by B.L. Printed; illus.


1929 Nov/Dec

CATALOGUE of an exhibition of contemporary pottery by BL, Stella R Crofts, Trevor L Brodrick, Lily & Wilfrid Norton, D.K.N. Braden and K Pleydell-Bouverie, S Nicholson Babb, W B Dalton, Phyllis Simpson and Gwendolen Parnell, held at the Colnaghi Gallery, New Bond Street, W. Foreword by Ernest Marsh. Printed.


1930 April

EXHIBITION LEAFLET on "European Crafts", chosen by BL for the Kiikyodo Gallery. Japanese. Printed. [9/16].


1930 May

CATALOGUE of an exhibition of stoneware by Norah Braden and K Pleydell-Bouverie, held at the galleries of Messrs. Wm. B. Paterson, Old Bond Street, W.I. Printed.


c. 1930?

NOTICE of a selling exhibition of "bowls and pots for bulbs in white and pale colours made by N. Braden & K. Pleydell-Bouverie" at the Little Gallery, Sloane Street, S.W.I. Printed.


c. 1930?

EXHIBITION CARD advertising a BL exhibition at the New Handworkers Gallery, Percy Street, Tottenham Court Road, W. 1. Printed, illus.


c. 1930?


INVITATION to the private view of an exhibition of contemporary pottery by BL, Stella R Crofts, W B Dalton, Dora E Lunn, Wilfrid and Lily Norton, Gwendolen Parnell, Ethel Sleigh and Phyllis Simpson, Sylvia Fox Strangways, Stanley Thorogood and Charles Vyse, held at the Colnaghi Galleries, New Bond Street, W.I. Printed.


[1931] May

CATALOGUE of an exhibition of stoneware and porcelain by BL and Tomimoto Kenkichi, at the Beaux Arts Gallery in Bond Street, Printed; illus; 5 copies.


c. 1931-1932

CATALOGUE of an exhibition of stoneware, drawings and etchings by BL held at the Beaux Arts Gallery, Bond Street, W. The exhibition contains 123 catalogued, and 100 uncatalogued, pots, 24 pot-drawings, 24 drawings, landscapes and "motives", and 6 etchings. Printed; illus; 12 copies.



EXHIBITION CARDS advertising a BL exhibition at the Little Gallery, Ellis Street, Sloane Street, S.W1. Printed; 3 copies.


c. 1932

INVITATION by the Beaux Arts Gallery, Bond Street, W, to the private view of an exhibition of pottery and pottery statuettes by BL, Kawai, Norah Braden, R W Martin, K. Pleydell-Bouverie, Tomimoto, Phyllis Simpson, etc. Printed; illus; 2 copies.


1933 Oct

CATALOGUE of an exhibition and sale of applied art and craft work at the Houldsworth Hall, Deansgate, Manchester, including stoneware and slipware by BL. Other potters include W B Dalton and W Fishley Holland (with George T Holland and Isabel Holland). Printed.


c. 1933


CATALOGUE of an exhibition (private view) of stoneware by BL held at the Beaux Arts Gallery, Bond Street, W. 1. The introduction notes that this will be BL's last exhibition before his return to Japan [1934]; during his absence, David Leach will continue to work at Dartington Hall and St Ives. According to a footnote, all textiles exhibited are by Enid Marx. Printed; illus; 9 copies.



EXHIBITION CARD (and invitation to Mr & Mrs B Leach) advertising the winter exhibition of the St Ives Society of Artists at the Porthmeor Galleries, St Ives, to be followed by a lecture by BL on "Japan Revisited".



CATALOGUE of an exhibition of pottery, by Hamada, with forewords by BL and Yanagi. Published by the Kosei-Kai Publishing Office, Tokyo. 2 copies; printed.



April /May

EXHIBITION CARD advertising an exhibition of BL's stoneware and slipware, at the Little Gallery, Sloane Street, S.W.I. Printed.




CATALOGUE of an exhibition of the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society, held at Brighton Art Gallery. Pottery by BL, Reco Capey, Jill Salaman, Dora Billington, R.J. Washington, Heber Mathews, Gilbert Harding-Green, Joan Cowper, W.B.Dalton, Philip S. Wadsworth, and C. James Dring, is on display, along with furniture, sculpture, glass etc. Printed.


c. 1945?


PRINTED INVITATION (private view) by Messrs. P & D Colnaghi & Co, to an exhibition in their galleries in New Bond Street, W. 1, of the pottery works of BL, S. Nicholson Babb, D.K.N. Braden, K. Pleydell-Bouverie, W. B. Dalton, Dora E. Lunn, Wilfrid & Lily Norton, Gwendolen Parnell, Phyllis Simpson and Sylvia Fox Strangways. Printed.


11533 [1946] NOTICE of, and invitation to, the 26th Anniversary

June 3-30 exhibition of pottery and drawings by BL at the

Berkeley Galleries, Davies Street, W.I. Refers also to the availability of BL's The Leach Pottery 1920-1946. published in association with this exhibition. One or two ms. notes on dorse by BL, relating to Baha'i matters.
11534 1948 NOTICE of an exhibition of pottery by Michael

Nov Cardew in Regent's Park Terrace, N.W. 1., produced

by him at the Volta Pottery, Vume-Dugame, Gold Coast. Introduction by M.C. Printed; illus.
11535 1949 CUTTING from the Norwegian paper Vart Land.

March 30 concerning BL's exhibition in Oslo. Norwegian.

11536 1954 LEAFLET advertising BL's exhibition at the

Aug Seibansya Gallery, Sapporo City, Hokkaido.

Japanese. Facsimile message from BL. Printed. [9/16].
11537 1954 TRANSCRIPT and translation by BL of an article by

Nov 21 Umehara R, "at last exhibition", referring to the

profuseness of BL's work - pots and furniture. "What can be bought in shops. I dont [sic] want to buy but Leach's furniture I do. This is one of the good things he has left us".
11538 1954 TRANSLATION of an article on BL, prior to his last

Nov exhibition at the Mitsukoshi Department store before

leaving for home. This, in BL's hand throughout, is headed: "Musha no Koji in Chuo Koron" [sjcj. The writer tells of his friendship with BL; of admiration for his etchings - "He was a devotee of Wm. Blake & we all became Blake lovers"; BL's fondness for the medium of "—Asakusa paper (Lavatory paper) -although we told him it was our poorest kind of paper he delighted in making drawings on its rough & absorbent surface. We can see something of his character in persisting in doing something in this way.


Before that however he had taught Satomi & Kojima to etch". The writer is not a potter, so cannot judge BL's pots, but he recalls the pleasure of his association with BL, Shiga and Yanagi at Abiko; the English element in BL's oriental pots; "Yanagi knows his life & his taste best, I don't know them so well & dont [sic] need to, I just like Leach & his work"; Leach's work on the life of Kenzan; "I dont [sic] know just when he became interested in pottery but I think he began to make pots with Tomimoto". A low-key, but very telling and sincere, appreciation of BL.



FOREWORD to the Berkeley Galleries Japanese exhibition catalogue, in BL's hand.




COPY SPEECH of H.B.M. Ambassador to Japan [Sir Francis Rundall], on the occasion of the opening of a BL exhibition, in the presence of H. I.H. the Crown Princess Chichibu and 150 guests. This was the Mitsukoshi Retrospective Exhibition of 1966. Ifile.



EXHIBITION CARDS advertising BL's exhibition at

the Mitsukoshi Department Store.

2 copies; printed; illus; Japanese; gloss in BL's hand.



CATALOGUE and notice of a BL exhibition at the Tenmaya, Okayama. Japanese, with a message in English, and photograph and facsimile signature, of BL. Printed.


1972 June 7-23

NOTICE of an exhibition entitled "More British Potters" to be held at Kettles Yard, Cambridge, by Primavera, Cambridge. BL is illustrated, examining a pot. Printed; illus.


1977 March 4

PROGRAMME and admission ticket for an informal seminar entitled "Towards a Standard", on the work of BL and the Leach Pottery, held at the Royal Geographical Society. Other speakers include Victor


Margrie, Edwin Mullins, John Houston, David Leach,

Janet Leach and Michael Cardew.

Printed; cover bears the logo of BL and the Leach

j. Bernard Leach and Dartington Hall

11546 c. 1951-52? INTERPOLATIONS in BL's hand to be inserted

(entitled "Insert 1" and "2"), in, presumably, a publication [advertising the International Crafts Conference at Dartington Hall, 1952, or an approach to Government, seeking support for the hand-craft movements?]. The wording is significant: [Insert 1] "Primarily for potters & weavers from far afield to meet, to see each others [sic] work & what this century has produced in England and Japan as representative of East & West & to exchange ideas upon the fundamental problems affecting these crafts and those working in them"; [Insert 2] "and there is increasing evidence of a desire on the part of many young people, following the second world-war, to seek a new way of life in hand-craftsmanship, in which a greater freedom from industrial conditions can be found. These people are content with a simpler standard of living provided they can give expression to feeling and imagination through the work of their hands".

11547 pre-1952 DRAFT preliminary notice by BL of the first

international conference of craftsmen potters and weavers, to be held at Dartington Hall in Aug 1952. 1 file; ms.

11548 1952 PROSPECTUS of the International Conference of

July 17-27 Craftsmen in Pottery and Textiles, to be held at

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon. Printed.
11549 [1952] COMMENT by BL on the Dartington Hall

Conference of 1952. To BL, it was an unqualified success: "For once in life a dream came true. There were over 130


people there representing some 20 countries and to my delight the key-note was struck & held by Dr. Yanagi and Hamada, the one speaking to us in the West, perhaps for the first time with the voice of the inner East & the other silently demonstrating with wheel & brush an attitude towards life and art which stirred our roots".


PAPERS relating to the running of the Leach Pottery, from the point of view of Pottery discipline, staff relationships, salaries and wages, etc, including: notebook of "Pottery Discussion Notes & Clay Map" (1941-55) - staff meetings, allocation of duties, profit-sharing plans, register of staff, apprentices, etc; separate undated notes on similar topics; notes (1961) on the foremanship of "Bill" [Marshall?], 2 critical surveys of Michael Leach's work; balance sheet for 1/2 - year to July 1948; etc. 7 items in all.



VISITING-CARD advertisement for the Leach Pottery of St Ives, on hand-made paper watermarked "HAYLE".


ROLLED MAP ("Cook's Tourist Skeleton Map") of Peking, showing the Tartar, Imperial, Forbidden and Chinese cities. Printed.



PLAN of Kyoto, with one or two ms. notes in BL's


Printed; col'd


11560-11563 n.d. MAP of Takgamine Koetsu-machi near Tamba, from

an original dating to 1625-30; location of addresses of specific families added in BL's hand. With 3 copies, variously amended.

11564 n.d. MAP of Japan, indicating the main centres of BL's

craft interests.

11565 n.d. STREET-PLAN of the central area of Edinburgh.

11566 n.d. STREET-MAP of Seville, Spain.

Col'd; folded; slip-case.
11567 1909 G. Gordon Leith, architect, at Kromdraai, Transvaal,

July 11 S. Africa, to BL. Has heard from Turvey that BL is in

Japan (?), and wishes to communicate with "an old friend and room mate -1 often think of you [,] Leach, and expect great things from you - Yours is also one of the most disposition [sic] I have ever met -1 want to meet you in about 10 or 20 years [sic] time! We must either meet in London, out there or in Japan, Turvey must of course be there too". A postscript is dated 14 Aug: it is strange that BL wrote to him on 11 June; the delay in completing this letter was due to his being "— up a Kopje with two girls", to one of whom he recounted the Leach saga. "Hope you will forgive all these. P.S1 ses [sic] and other nonsence [sic]". Signs "G.G.L.", but notepaper with printed heading.
11568-11590 1908 Takamura, M, initially in Paris, but later at Komago

July 20, to 1917 Komagome, Kongo, Japan, to BL (24). He is grateful for the Dec 8 introduction to "Miss Nordlinger"; agrees with BL's philosophy that"—ruled yet spontanous [sic], one must be"; he has spent much time in the Luxembourg Museum [in Paris], in 1909, on the eve of BL's departure for Japan, he promises introductions to his


father, the President of the Imperial School of Art in Tokio, "and some others in Nara, Rome of Japan"; hopes to see BL in Japan during 1909; mention of Turvey and Norsworthy and their works; some hints on the cost of living in Tokio (10s. per day; "this include only the rent of house, food, and payments of servants -other things excluded"!); is suffering from bad teeth; recommends reading on Egyptian archaeology; his conviction that "Art cannot be sincere and true unless it is the result of seraching in Nature with the primitive eyes, however so -called civilized the artist may be". Just over a week later he sends the introductions, and mentions an English painter, Frank Beresford, who lives next door to Takamura pere (a monoglot Japanese) in Tokio. In Feb 1909, BL is about to depart, & TM gives him some advice on taxation and customs dues ( eg,"—Yokohama is better, than Kobe"), and shrewdly reminds BL that artists' tubes of paint can be confused by customs officers with "paint for toilette" and heavily taxed in consequence; urges him to take paintings with him, "Especially, etching outfit will be a fountain for a thirsty" [sic]. In Oct 1910, Takamura shows a nice line in irony: "I have learned that "Salon" [in Tokio] refused your paintings all. What nice eyes they have! I am sorry for that in double meanings". However, by Nov 1910: "I suffer cruelly in mind nearly fatal! I hate the people more than that Baron Dobruhoff (?) of Austria. Laisser [sic] moi un peu plus !!" All is serene the following summer: if he can, he will visit BL in Hakone and be introduced to Tomimoto; he encloses a poem addressed to BL, in Japanese, which will be published in Poesia. In Jan 1912, he hails BL as: "You are really a sweet soother for my aching soul"; he wishes to buy an Augustus John original drawing; thanks BL for the offer of his, "But, I have no courage d'ARRACHER CELA DE VOUS even for a few months". The last dated letter is on 8 Dec 1917: he has visited BL's exhibition and is enchanted with it (this letter is a xerox copy only). 10 postcards are undated: TM sends BL his book of poems - "I simply hope that I live and breath [sic] in them. And you live always in me, silently, sincerely and so amiably". He quotes Emerson and Whitman in others; his great sorrow at the death of his friend Ogihara. 23 letters and cards incl. 1 file of poetry; 23 in all.




Sonoda Misao to BL. friends. Japanese. [9/12].

General news of himself and



June 17

Sadayusu Tatsugi at Kamisuwa machi, to BL. Acknowledges receipt of 3 etchings and will purchase "Evening fields Japan" (the other 2, plus price of the above, are enclosed, but not present here). A touching tribute. "A relative of mine said "What a superior taste he has! I have never seen such calm & free art" and I am also the same opinion". After 5 years of ill-health he is now restored and hopes to go to Tokio "for studying picture in September next. I feel pleasure because I can call on your residence".


1912? June 18

Illegible in Tokyo, to BL. Advice about where to seek to publish an article; disparaging about a distinguished art magazine, "—in the matter of cash, anxious not to spoil artistic writers with filthy lucre"! The name of the publication Far East is mentioned. Writing very difficult to follow.


1912 Aug29

Marie Riefstahl in the Faubourg St. Honore, Paris, to BL. Refers to her husband's letter (herewith). Thanks BL and Muriel for good wishes, and sends hers to Takamura. Advises BL to "fight shy of other men's work - you have technically all you require on the spot. —Beware of your handles [,] aim at pottery shapes i.e., such as suit the material [,] are easy to grasp - difficult to break, harmonious in themselves & the spaces [sic] they create in relation to the remaining portion of the vessel". She (admitting that "our first year's results as antiquaries [are] most encouraging"), and her husband would be interested in acquiring Chinese pottery rather than porcelain; they can already obtain on commission suitable objects for the Paris market; if BL can find anything antique and interesting, they would be pleased to have his sketch or photograph of same; terms "satisfactory & profitable to us both" must be agreed; above all, "We must go for quality!"; warns him of the prevalence of fakes in old paintings and carvings; "Baby is growing apace". BL sketches on dorse of first leaf.

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